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Past International Director Phil Nathan

International 2nd Vice President Campaign

PID Phil Nathan, The International Lion

A truly outstanding Lion, PID Phil has served our Association with great distinction over many years; during his two year term as International Director, during his term as a Board Appointee and throughout his years as a Seminar leader for the District Governors Elect and as a Faculty member at Lions Leadership Institutes, in addition to the many other roles asked of him by the Association.

Lion Phil was elected to serve a two-year term as a director of The International Association of Lions Clubs in San Diego, California, USA, in 1999, serving until 2001.

 With Past International President Brian Stephenson

In his first year as an International Director Lion Phil was appointed to the Service Activities Committee, and in his second year he chaired that Committee.

Following completion of his term as a Director, Lion Phil was appointed the Europe West Area Impact Team Leader 2002-2004, succeeding membership initiatives have drawn heavily on the work of the Impact Team in terms of materials and presentations.

in discussion with PIP Bill Biggs

Lion Phil was appointed to the International Board as an adviser to the Finance and Headquarters Committee for 2002-2003; the work undertaken by that Committee established such a firm financial base for the Association that the International Dues have not been increased since the phased programme introduced in 2003.

Lion Phil has served three Incoming International Presidents as a Group Leader for the District Governors Elect Seminar and on three occasions has participated as instructor at Lions Institutes within Europe.

In recognition of his skills as a leader, motivator and communicator, Lion Phil has been a presenter or facilitator at Forums, Seminars and Conventions in many parts of the world including six International Conventions and every Europa Forum since 2003.

Being further congratulated by PCC Ulrich & IPDG Niels Schneckers, D124 Romania.

Speaking at the 2009 Scandinavian Lions SeminarIn his first year as an International Director, Lion Phil was appointed by then IP Jim Ervin to be the International Presidents’ representative to the 1999 Europa Forum, Florence a prestigious post awarded only to Lions of experience and expertise.

In 2000, the Council of Governors appointed Lion Phil to Chair the Committee that hosted the exceptionally successful 2006 Europa Forum, Bournemouth. Lion Phil was Vice President of Europa Forum for the years 2004, 2005 and 2007. In 2006, he was the Forum President.

Phil was selected by then International President Jimmy Ross to be the Announcer for the International Parade during the International Convention in  Chicago & undertook the task so well he was invited by then International President Mahendra Amerasuriya to the Parade Announcer in Bangkok, Also in Bangkok President Amarasuriya invited Phil to be a Presenter of the Challenge to Change Awards.

Presenting the Challenge to Change Awards, Bangkok

A Lion of the utmost honesty and integrity, PID Phil has a deserved reputation for undertaking all and any of the responsibilities he has been given by the Association, to the highest possible standard.

PID Phil Popular the world over

PID Phil Popular the world over

Europa Forum 2006

The 52nd Europa Forum was held in Bournemouth in October 2006, the stated aim of the Committee, throughout the four years of planning and preparation was to: “promote a Forum which will be of a high standard and which will reflect the social and cultural background of the British Isles & Ireland.”

From the comments made by attendees to the Forum, a small sample of which appear below, there can be no doubt that the Committee achieved their aim.

"This is one out of many, many, messages of highly deserved congratulations you are receiving. Accept mine with hearty thanks … you set up a wonderful team. Their calm efficiency must be praised."

PCC Armand Nedjib, MD103, France

"I would like to thank you for a well led, and successful Europa Forum."

PID Aimo Viitala, MD107, Finland.

"I like to congratulate you for the great success the EF 2006 reached; your dedication, capability, courtesy and friendship have played a large role for the final good results."

PID Giovanni Rigone, Forum Archivist & Adviser.

The following comment is taken from the final Meeting of the Monitoring Group, consisting of all the International Directors from Europe: “the organisation and the events have succeeded each other in a perfectly flawless manner, one of the most difficult things to realise in a multifaceted event like a Forum.

The professional contents and the conducting of the Seminars, Round Tables and the Plenary Sessions were well planned and orchestrated. The evening entertainment programmes were all of high quality.

All in all, the Forum has been well planned, prepared and organised, the Monitoring Group expresses its appreciation and recognition to the Host Committee.”

Being thanked by PCC Ulrich Hochuli MD102 Switzerland With Council Chairman Helmut Marhauer, MD111, Germany

PID Phil - The British and Ireland Lion

PID Phil with the Lions of Israel



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